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A mass murderer can be your neighbor, your friend, or even a family member! When a massacre occurs, it's simply too late to bring back the victims that lost their lives! It is up to the neighbors, friends, and family members to report suspicious behavior that may occur to us as well as the authorities. A mass murderer is not born a mass murderer so massacres are not planned from birth, therefore, anyone can be transformed into a mass murderer!

To find out more about a particular mass murderer, choose from the Countries or Killing Categories below! If you're interested in learning about what massacres have occurred over the years, click here.
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• What have we accomplished throughout life?
• When will we die?
• Why are we living just to die?
• Who decides when our clock stops ticking?
It's plain and simple why the exist! Today, society lives day to day struggling to live life and then after many struggles, at least for most of us, we die! However, we should not let others decide when we die and this is why we need to prepare ourselves for the worst! If our clock stops ticking on its own, oh well, that's just the way it's played out but I refuse to let another human being decide when my clock stops ticking!

As members of society, we must learn to watch each others backs and always acknowledge who our neighbors really are and if there is any suspicious activity going on. If a neighbor is acting erratically in any way, the authorities must be called in to investigate the situation before it's too late! Contacting our website is another way to defuse the next possible massacre!

America as well as the world, always remember and keep your eyes open and acknowledge everything going on in and around your neighborhood. Any suspicious activity can be classified as the next possible massacre, so don't wait around for the next massacre to take place!
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