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A serial killer can be your neighbor, your friend, or even a family member! When a massacre occurs, it's simply too late to bring back the victims that lost their lives! It is up to the neighbors, friends, and family members to report suspicious behavior that may occur to us as well as the authorities. A serial killer is not always born a serial killer so sometimes, serial killing sprees are not planned from birth, therefore, anyone can be transformed into a serial killer!

To find out more about the massacres that have taken place around the world, choose from the Countries or Killing Categories below! If you're interested in learning about what massacres have occurred over the years, click here.
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• Luis Alfredo Garavito
• Pedro Alonso López
• Daniel Barbosa

• Pedro Rodrigues Filho
• Gary Ridgway
Top 10 Worst Serial Killers of all time!
• Yang Xinhai
• Andrei Chikatilo
• Anatoly Onoprienko
• Alexander Pichushkin
• Ahmad Suradji
• Gong Runbo
• Huang Yong
• Shen Changyin and Shen Changping
• Yang Xinhai
• Lam Kor-wan
• Joshi-Abhyankar
• Thug Behram
• Surender Koli:
• Raman Raghav
• Auto Shankar
• Charles Sobhraj
• Sataro Fukiage
• Hiroaki Hidaka
• Miyuki Ishikawa
• Kiyotaka Katsuta
• Yoshio Kodaira
• Genzo Kurita
• Hiroshi Maeue
• Futoshi Matsunaga and Junko Ogata
• Tsutomu Miyazaki
• Seisaku Nakamura
• Akira Nishiguchi
• Kiyoshi Okubo
• Nikolai Dzhumagaliev
• Javed Iqbal
• Yoo Young-chul
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